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Chinese Drama “To Get Her (2019)” You Don’t Want To Miss

If you like Jumanji Movie then this Chinese Drama is for you. The best thing you need to know why you should watch this drama”To Get Her (2019)”. This is an amazing thing that I,m going to tells you. If you like Chinese dramas then this drama is for you. This is looking very awesome and full of romance.

I personally like many Chinese movies and dramas and I also watch many Korean Dramas. Both Asian dramas are doing very well work. In thi Drama Huang Ri Ying As Lin Zheng Zheng is the main cast of this drama. To Get Her to have full of amazing stories and scenes. Huang Ri Ying is doing very well work in drama.

To Get Her Release Date and Episodes

This drama is Premier on 27 December 2019. If you will watch this drama every Saturday, Sunday, and Money. I know you are excited for this drama. This is one of the best quality Drama Series. To Get Her to have 30 Episodes. All the episodes have almost 45 mint watch time. You will also watch this drama online soon.

If you want more information then you need to visit MyDramaList Website. On this website, you will see much latest new Information about Asian Dramas. I know you want to see the plot of this drama. That’s why I tell you at the start If you like Jumanji Movie then this drama is looking the same story but looks amazing.

To Get Her Plot and Cast

In this Drama, you will see A story if a man Daddi Tang As Tu Si Yi who starts a game like Jumanji and wants to play this game as fun but he don,t no what’s going on. After entering the game, He thinks he is going to visit another world but he is wrong. He likes an idol on the Royal family as Prince.

First, He is very family but seen he face many difficulties and wants to back in his real world. Huang Ri Ying As Lin Zheng Zheng also enters the game to save her boyfriend but it is not easy. Both are in big trouble. If they want to out this world then they need to get this throne. This is a very good story. I hope you will like it, after watching this show.

In this drama, you will see the main cast of this drama: Daddi Tang As Tu Si Yi, Huang Ri Ying As Lin Zheng Zheng, Lu Yun Feng As Shen Dai Fu and many more cast are also in this drama.


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