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The New Korean High Rated Drama “Diary of a Prosecutor (2019)”

New Year is almost coming and the new Korean drama “Diary of a Prosecutor” got the highest premiere rating. You know what that means this drama is going to viral in Korea as well as all over the world. In this drama, you will see “Diary of Prosecutors who solve many cases full of passion and humbleness.

Are you looking for the new and amazing Korean Drama then I suggest you to watch this drama because in this drama you will see many amazing cases just like many American famous dramas who have very good rating and people also like it, Some of them are Flash, Chicago Fire is one of the most popular drama in the USA.

In Korea, you will see many popular dramas like Stranger (2017), While You Were Sleeping (2017), Vampire Prosecutor (2011). These drams are famous all over the world because of the quality drama. Lee Sun Kyun As Lee Sun Woong is the main role of this drama because of he a Prosecutor and Chief of the Police.

Why Diary of a Prosecutor Popular:

They are many reasons from which this drama is really famous. One, This is just amazing and Highly quality drama. You know, most of the Korean dramas are base on Drama and Romance but this drama has action and mystery. That,s why nowadays people want new things that entertain them.

Lee Sun Woong work on the Police station but he is so slow that,s why other Prosecutor wants to remove his post and wants new one who is fast and good. Then Jung Ryeo Won As Cha Myung Joo join his team and doing a very good job for her team. This is a bonus point for him. Then both are looking very attractive to each other.

Lee Sun Woong almost fall in love with her but he did not say anything because of his post. This post has the only ambition to serve the country and make a great country. These some reasons to be famous all over the world. I personally watch much Korean drama and also looking for new drama and I think this is the next. Now tell me what you think about this drama.


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