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Korean Drama “You Who Came from the Stars” Review

This is the review post of this greatest and most popular drama”You Who Came from the Stars. This is one my best Drama. Story of this drama is looking like amazing and full of swist. If you like fantasy, dramatic and Romantic Korean, Chinese Movies and Dramas then This is for you because of this quality content.

This is highly recommended for those who are bored and want to see something very amazing then I suggest those people who are looking for an amazing drama. This is just amazing. I hope you will going to fall in love with this drama after watching this drama. Jun Ji Hyun As Cheon Song Yi, Kim Soo Hyun As Do Min Joon are the main cast of this drama.

Both are doing very well work in this drama just because of this quality. Kim Soo Hyun is so beautiful actress in Korea. She still working on many amazing dramas in Korea. Most of the Korean dramas and movies are famous all over the world. People of Koreans are also very good people just like in drama series.

You Who Came from the Stars Release Date and Cast:

This Drama is officially released on 13 December 2013 and now 2019 but this drama is still famous in Korea as well as all over the world. In this Drama, you will Jun Ji Hyun As Cheon Song Yi as the main cast of this drama as well as the heroine Kim Soo Hyun As Do Min Joon. She also does very well work in this drama.

More cast is also worked on this drama like Park Hae Jin As Lee Hui Kyung, Yoo In Na As Yoo Se Mi, Shin Sung Rok As Lee Jae Kyung and Jo Hee Bong As President Ahn Dong M. All the cast of this drama are doing very well work.

You Who Came from the Stars Story:

This is the story about a man who is alien (Jun Ji Hyun As Cheon Song Yi). Cheon Song Yi comes on earth to see the beauty of this world. But soon he going on this earth. Almost he has just 3 months to stay on this earth but he is very disappointed to not met anyone. Someday ago he met a beautiful girl Kim Soo Hyun As Do Min Joon.

He falls in love with this girl because of this beauty and kindness. This Drama is looking amazing story of just many famous Korean dramas but this drama story is very unique. After someday ago both are fall in love with each other and try to make love but her lover have only 3 month left to leave this earth.

This is an amazing and heart touching story. If you tell me to suggest some nice movies and TV Series then I suggest you watch this Korean drama. You who came from the stars is available on the Internet and you will watch this drama with English subtitle. I know this is one of the biggest things people don,t want to watch any drama with different language but the story is amazing you will watch this drama.


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