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Lingering (2019) Korean Movie - Review and Summary

Lingering (2019) Korean Movie – Review and Summary

Are you looking for a new year Horror and Mystery movie then This Korean movie is perfect for you yes I,m going to review the latest Lingering (2019) Korean Movie? This movie is looking very good and high-quality Movie. You need to watch this Christmas and New year because of the best quality Movie.

You Know most of the Korean Dramas and Movies are based on Romance and Dramatic scenes but these days Koreans produce Mystery, Horror and Thriller movies and Dramas. People are also like these things. The world is changing and people want something new and best but you need to stay in Korean or want to learn Korean then This movie is perfect for you.

I personally watch many amazing Korean Drams and Movies. I mostly like Romance because in Korean dramas, they show a very amazing story and dramatic scenes which will give you motivative and you will increase your ability to work. They show the real-life affair and I hope you will also going to love it after watching this movie.


In this Movie, you will Lee Se Young As Yoo Mi, who lives a lonely house but in this house, she fell something bad so she decided to know what,s going on but the thing is not good for her. This is looking for a horror story and has dramatic scenes. If you are looking for the most recent and amazing Korean dramas and then I suggest you watch this movie.

Park Ji Young As Kyeong Seon is also the main role in this movie. The story is about a house who has a bad soul who hurts people and wants to stay away this house. She did not like to live in this house so she tries to scare everyone who wants to live in this house. This house is also looking old and uncomfortable.


Are you already watch Lingering then you know that in this movie you will see a family but a mom who is feeling very uncomfortable named Lee Se Young As Yoo Mi. She is doing a very good job, she also looks real mom. This is the beauty of Korean Dramas and movies they show many new and fresh people but they are talented.

If you ask me to give the rate of this movie then I will give 8 points out of 10 this is just amazing but in the earlier, you will release this is a boring movie but soon this is going an amazing movie and you will find out this is just amazing movie. I highly suggest those people who are bored and looking for amazing stuff.


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