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Love The Way You Are Chinese Drama (2019) Cast, Release Date, Episodes

Love The Way You Are is the new Chinese drama. This is about modeling and other things but the cast of this drama looks amazing. Girls are also very cute. You need to do something before attending to down. You need to watch this drama for many reasons. One reason is the Chinese drama. You know very well this is amazing content.

Most of the people in the world Like Asian Dramas like Korean and Chinese but mostly people watch Chinese Movies and Korean Dramas. In this drama, you will see an amazing idea and an amazing thing that you will never see with other drama. One thing is very good is that If you are bored and looking for something amazing, then I suggest you watch this drama.

If you watch the 2019 amazing movie “A Star is Born” then this drama story is relative like this. If you watch this film you will fall in love with this film because Lady gaga and Bradley cooper are doing amazing acting in this film. A Star is born is famous in all over the world. I personally watch this movie and I really like it.

The Story in this drama is very unique. A girl “Zhen Yuan Yuan” who is looking for a job and his dream to be a model or actor but his bad luck. She was really sad and looking to do something special then one day, She became a famous model. She starting a romance with Derek Chang As Yuan Dong Shen.


Drama: Love The Way You Are (2019)
Main Stars: Judy Qi, Derek Chang, Ma De Ya
Genres: Romance
Country: China
Language: English
Release Date: 18 December 2019
Season: 1
Episodes: 30
Also known As: 身为一个胖, Shen wei yi ge pang zi


A stout young lady named Zhen Yuanyuan thins down and turns into a super-model with the stage name Eva. She at that point starts a sentiment with “male god” Yuan Dongshen.

Main Cast:

Judy Qi As Zhen Yuan Yuan
Derek Chang As Yuan Dong Shen
Ma De Ya As Luo Yi Ren
Ma Meng Wei As Support Role

This drama has full of romance and amazing stories about a couple and looking like a real-life story but I don,t know. This is just an amazing drama. Zhen Yuan Yuan is a new actress and she looks so beautiful. I highly recommended those who are looking for amazing story which has dramatic and romantic scene. This is one of them.


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