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Why you need to binge watching this Drama “Love with Flaws (2019)”

Are you looking for the latest Drama in the Korean Language then I suggest you watch this “Love with Flaws”. A love story between a student and a Teacher. This Drama is looking full of Comedy, Romance and Drama. I hope you will going to entertain after watching this drama. This is just amazing.

Do you like Korean People? Yes, or No well you need to watch this drama then you will realize this is a great story. I personally like Korean people as well as Dramas and Movies. Netflix also wants to produce more Korean Movies and Dramas. That thing will attract other people. You Korean dramas are famous all over the world.

Love with Flaws Story

In this drama, you will a student you fall in love with a teacher but his teacher is very strict. She always cares about their students. That a good thing but Ahn Jae Hyun (Student) don,t like her attitude. Ahn Jae Hyun always tries to impress the schoolgirls and try to do something special. He tries to look cute and sweet.

Everyman has a wish to look good and smart but most of the cases are opposite. This thing is really wired but you have a chance to learn many things. I hope you will learn many things in this drama because of the quality drama. Love with Flaws rating is also very good right now but after some episodes I know, People will going to give more high point ratting.

Everything you need to know about Love with Flaws

This drama will premier on 27 November 2019. Love with flaws has 32 episodes and this drama will Be Aired On Wednesday, Thursday. So get ready for this and you will able to watch this drama with the English subtitle soon. Most of the people don,t no Korean so that’s why different websites are provided the offer of watch online with different language subtitles.

You also have another option to watch this Drama on MBC Network. In this drama, you will see the main character: Oh Yeon Seo As Joo Seo Yeon, Ahn Jae Hyun As Lee Kang Woo, Kim Seul Gi As Kim Mi Kyung. I hope you will enjoy after watching this show. Don,t forget the comment. If you like it then tell me and if you want to suggest other episodes then comment here.


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