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Everything you need to know about new Chinese Movie "Somewhere Winter (2019)"

Everything you need to know about new Chinese Movie “Somewhere Winter (2019)”

This is everything you need to know about this film “Somewhere Winter”. I know you are also a fan of Chinese movies and dramas then this is a great chance for those who are looking the good content. I highly recommended for those who are so bored and want to watch amazing thing.

Wallace Huo, Sandra Ma, Vicky Chen are coming to entertain you. Somewhere Winter is officially worldwide available on 15 November 2019. This is just amazing. I personally love Chinese Dramas and movies. If you are also a fan of Kdrama and CDrama then you will watch this film.

What’s gonna happen on Somewhere Winter

If you like Dramatic and Romantic Movies and dramas then this film is amazing and for you. This is going to entertain you because of the content. This movie is also known As 大约在冬季. In this film, you will see a couple who fall in love with each other but they face many problems in their regular life.

A girl who really loves her mother and don,t want to hurt her that,s why she break up with her boyfriend just because of her mother. But soon they meet again in a show. Then she again thinking about him. This movie is looking really attractive and heart touching story.

Chinese movies and dramas are famous all over the world. That,s why people also like Chinese people just because of their wonderful life and content. In this film, you will see Wallace Huo As Qi Xiao. This is wonderful news for this film. Sandra Ma is one of the Main Roles in this film.

You know I really like romance in film and also looking for romantic movies during the night time just because of fun. I have a some issues just because I have not much time to watch these movies. If you want to motivated then I recorded to watch youtube motivated videos.

In this film you will see many dramatic scenes first you need to watch this trailer then I sure you will love it and you are going to watch this movie. This movie has quality and amazing stuff. Somewhere Winter is new and fresh movie. I hope you will enjoy after watching this film.


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